Site migrated from CPanel to Virtualmin successfully but WordPress site is not working and not in installed scripts

OS type and version CentOS 8.5
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1 GPL
Related packages WordPres 4.x or 6.01

A full backup in Cpanel was generated, uploaded to virtualmin and then migrated. 2Gb+ was imported correctly but the site in WordPress 6.0.1 does not appear as installed app (the site was in WP 4.x but was not imported either) so the site was updated on CPanel to 6.0.1 then migrated again with same results, WP database it is there, home directory is there but there is no link between them so the WP site is not visible. I was able to install WP in a new folder but do not know how to pass WP site from Cpanel to Virtualmin.


Check this post, it explains it —

Just an update. The migration prior to DNS propagation ran successfully but WordPress was not installed so the WP site was not migrated.

Once the domain was pointed to our server, the migration from Cpanel was again successfully but this time full WordPress site was migrated.

Everthing was migrated from CPanel to Virtualmin without errors including email accounts with its mail, wordpress and databases. Leaving the site up and working without need to do anything manual.
The trick was to wait until the domain was propagated and pointed to our server. Thanks a lot! Awesome!


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