Site does not up date correctly

the ajax code does not quite work as it should

as you can see unread is set i.e Unread (1) but the latest (div/table) is not updated to reflect the new post, minor issue but it would be good for that to happen


Have you tried “refreshing” the page manually? Perhaps there was a hiccup when loading the page in your browser. Discourse which the forums use is pretty rock solid and I cannot replicate the issue you’re having.

look at this screen shot

new & unread are at 1 each however latest is showing 3 new items


Odd, I cannot personally replicate that issue on my end. It seems to work fine here.

Further, this would technically be more of a Discourse issue as Virtualmin doesn’t develop the forum product therefore is not in a position to address these types of issues.

Just noticed the is no count against latest … do you get a count there ?


Mine shows:

Screenshot from 2023-03-17 10-09-09

When I click on “New” I see:

So, as you can see, it reflects correctly on my end.

latest looks like

even though you replied to this thread weird how you see a different thing
this thread should be highlighted


Perhaps try clearing your cache, and restarting your browser to see if that addresses it.

I do believe the Discourse installed on Virtualmin was upgraded recently, as I noticed a few changes (positive ones) in the backend of my account.

makes no odds on which browser I use … wonder if there is an issue with Discord & Linux builds of browsers
maybe I’ll run up Windows & see if there is a difference
Tested with (on Linux OS)
same result from each


Discourse, not Discord (I think there is a project called Discord so just didn’t want you confusing the two).

If you’d like to report a bug to them, I believe you can do so at:

That’s their community (also run by their product)

had this


really odd

not more community support :frowning: that modal including this site is broken … I have pro and don’t appear to get anything extra from gpl users … barr abuse from some … hey ho that’s life I guess … I must confess the older system pro/gpl separate was so much better


I was merely saying you could mention the issue, and leave it with them to either address (or ignore) the matter… But mentioning it here doesn’t help the bigger issue if it is actually a wide spread one.

As for being a “Pro” customer, you are entitled to Pro support by sending in a PM to @staff if you are having problems.

Ugh, abuse from some… That’s no fun at all… We always strive to have a helpful and friendly community though, I suppose some do perhaps misbehave from time to time…

We’ve got your back @jimr1

Let us know if we can help :slight_smile:

As for this topic though, it’s less of a Virtualmin specific issue and more of a potential bug within Discourse for which the team doesn’t actually manage, we just use the fine product.

Done that … 3 or 4 issues were either ignored or never resolved ( with most I resolved them myself ).
it seems odd that there is not an area here for users that are pro … forum software (generally) will allow you to add users to a group and then allow them priv to restricted areas … but maybe discourse does not allow this.


I’m sorry to hear that.

Can you provide me a recent PM “Subject” that went unresolved or responded to? I’d like to look into this and see what may have happened.

I believe within Virtualmin Pro there is an option to open a “Support Ticket” or similar on the left menu which should send the message along with system details to us.

The PM system is how we prioritise response to those who are Pro users. As you’ve no doubt seen we do read forum threads too, but the PMs from Pro users do generally get a faster response as part of our support commitment.

Again @jimr1 I would like to look into this if you can provide me a “Subject” used in a recent PM to @staff

nothing recent … I gave up bothering to try ages ago …


Sorry to hear that. Definitely not what we want to hear, but also valuable feedback.

Next time you need assistance, please reach out and I’ll definitely let the other guys know about your past experience. We appreciate you, so please do reach out if in need, seriously we got ya!



Admittedly, forum posts can sometimes go unnoticed by the team. Never intentional however.

To bring something to our attention please PM @staff so it shows up in our mailbox and make sure to fill in details about your environment including you’re using a Pro install.

Alternatively you can open a ticket from within Virtualmin which will send environment details about your system along with your message.

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