Sit Down and Watch virtualmin, webmin video tutorial is needed

I need video tutorial to learn how to use virtualmin, webmin
Not just installation , I already installed but all aspects or most aspects of these softwares

I found some tutorial videos on Youtube actually… Just search there for “virtualmin”. Question is, how much of Vmin’s considerable complexity can be covered in such a tutorial… I suppose you’ll still have to read manuals and documentation and experiment with it. :slight_smile:

As Dumbledore would put it, “A web hosting panel of this magnitude is not for the faint of heart.” :wink:

Yes I could not find video tutorials to learn more most are basic and going to documentation takes a long time

it takes a long time if you’re 85
learning a trade does take time … if you have trouble with certain features, then there is the forum.

Yes, I agree that you’ll have to invest that time. Web hosting is not something you learn just like that, and it should not be so either, since operating a server also comes with a good deal of responsibility - both towards your clients and to keep the system secure.