Single manage URL and many Virtualmin instances (servers)

Dear all,

I got an idea to have one login URL such as https://whatever.tld/manage/ - and here will reside login to virtualmin - but I will have many virtualmin instances on many servers - for domain1.tld server1.tld and for server2.tld.

I need somehow to “proxy” my clinets through this URL (you know - I am poor UNIX Way student :wink: and I don’t have lot of money to buy extra SSL certificates :wink: to manage their websites.

Any idea how to do that?

I got virtualmin GPL because:

  1. I am poor student
  2. I live in poor Czech rep. (we are at level of apes now)
  3. I love GPLed products :wink:

Anyway thanks for any suggestion / advice

Many thanks.

David Strejc


Virtualmin comes with URL redirection setup, so that browsing to will redirect to your Virtualmin installation.

Will that do what you’re after?

Also, in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, you can configure how that redirection works in the “URL for admin redirect” field.


Sorry for not being clear enough Eric.

I have to say that I am using Virtualmin for about six yars now and I first installed webmin ten years ago. I know well many options and config files of both but what I need is like this:

For my purposes I will have many virtualmin instances on many VPS servers. I am using proxy in apache to proxy clients requests (you know I like to look something so called cool and I don’t want to have a port mentioned in URL) also I don’t want to spend money on SSL certificates - so I managed to setup Virtualmin to https://mydomain/admin - but now I need to somehow “redirect” my customre to hist server probably based on his login.

It seems that I will have to write plugin for virtualmin - but I am system admin and I don’t like programming - I always like to somehow get together written tools and techniques - proxy servers, http headers and so on - I know I am bit crazy but who is not right?


Anyway many thanks for help.

If it will be necessary I will manage to have this redirect plugin lets call it virtualmin_login_proxy to have one master login form and then - oh an idea :slight_smile:

I will write my own module into Joomla! and based on MySQL tables I will send my customer to his login URL … Or maybe - I don’t know for now.

But any idea is welcomed by anyone - I stand for Open Source and I will share my solution here if anyone will like to have similar solution as I do.

Thank you.


One additional comment - I am thinking about something like “master virtualmin” - I don’t prbably need cloudmin as I already have my VPS systems - but one centralized master virtualmin for managing other virtualmins and to have listed all virtualmin domains in there.

I know I am crazy but … lets take it as “gateway” to my other virtualmin systems - as a proxy for proxying requests to right VPS hosts.

This is my final state.

Do you think in your company about such solution or is it already there?

Many thanks.