Single Domain with two Different IP Addresses (Physical Ethernet )


I am using virtualmin on my local server where I am using a single IP address from one ethernet card to access my site i have another ethernet card which is on another network both are working on two different intranets I want to grant access to my site on both networks. At the moment my site is working on one ip but not on other is there any way i can do this particular task?

It’s referred to as multi-homed - having 2 NICs. (or more).

might help you out. You’d also need to adjust your apache conf file - using *:80 & *:443 should allow apache to listen on both NICs.

Thanks for the reply Dibs, ihave understand that and my system listen to my other eth the main issue it is not going to certain virtualhost which i created it is going to general directory from second ethernet

@asad88 - have you altered the Apache conf file to use *:80 & *:443 instead of IP:80 & IP:443?

In the case of *:80 (& *:443) Apache would listen on all IP’s - whereas in the case of IP:80 *& IP:443) it would only listen on that IP. Post up the VirtualHost blocks.

Warning the network commands are very old in the links
And sofar i see 123 depending on “network scripts” depricated in for example centos 8, and default not installed there.

Please read here some

Start using NetworkManager would be more smart , it is only a warning pointing out if you use for example centos and want to update when virtualmin i s ready for the 8

UH I GUESS that is one of the parts why it takes more time fro Control panels to be ready for CENTOS8 Directadmin is working for a while now on one of our testservers with CENTOS8.