Simply Digital Hosting

Hello everyone. First I will say we are just another web host, but we see ourselves as unique.

I have personally been a customer of many web hosts and found many things I did not like. With our hosting we look to stand out from everyone else in any way possible.

First we have seen unlimited hosting in too many places and those who are smart know this is just marketing gimmicks and lies. We do not rely on reseller packages and oversell or give you something cheap and have you get shutdown later on.

We like to think of ourselves as giving no BS hosting. You get quality service not quantity. We currently offer:

  • Personal Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Forum Hosting (MyBB and more soon)
  • Blog Hosting (WordPress and more soon)
  • Free Forum and Blog Hosting (Ad supported)
  • Un-Managed VPS
  • Managed VPS
  • Domains
  • SSL Certificates
  • Coming Soon -- Gaming servers such at Minecraft

We are also proud to say we are powered by the Virtualmin web control panel and not running cPanel like anyone else. Due to this you get more flexibility in your hosting and more control over your account.

We are also the 1st Virtualmin web host to be using PHP-FPM for efficient PHP websites. We were the developers of the mod recently contributed to Virtualmin to enable this ability.

We hope you visit our site and services. We look forward to seeing you there.