Simplify Access Control for Virtual Hosts

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04
Webserver: Nginx

You click the Button Access Control and enter a path to the file of your choice where you wan’t to handle your passwords. I think generally it should be /home/mydomain.tld/.htpasswd.
You can save it and will be redirected to the VirtualHost overview.

Click again on “Access Control” and you’ll the an “Manage Users” behind the Field you filled before. Click on it and choose an username and password

But if you save, you got a message that you don’t have the permissions. (I think because the file not yet exist).

So what to do? You have to switch to Webmin ⇒ Tools ⇒ File Manager ⇒ dig down to the right directory ⇒ create the file ⇒ come back to virtualmin ⇒ Choose Services ⇒ Access Control ⇒ Manage Users and then you can enter the credentials at least!

Thats a really bad UX for such a simple thing.

It would be awesome, if this dialoge would be able to create those files, OR if there would be an empty .htpasswd file in the home-directory of each virtualHost by default.

It would also be nice, if you don’t be redirected to the VirtualServer overview after entering and saving a given Path, but stay in the Dialoge to see, that you can NOW create an User if you click on the new appearing link “Manage Users”.

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