Simpler rule interface?

Are we to expect non-techie users to know what the heck to do with the procmail rule interface under Usermin?

Am I somehow missing a simpler rule configuration module for Usermin? I’d like to see something that makes all the correct assumptions for a Virtualmin Pro setup:

  1. Mail will be delievered to ~/Maildir/.foldername, so just ask for "foldername" and do the full path behind the scenes

  2. Simplify the regular expressions into a few common scenarios - from email, subject contains, body contains, etc.

  3. Locking options aren’t necessary

Hey Joshua,

We’re definitely in agreement with you on this one. We had it in the project manager (our overblown todo list) last year, but didn’t implement it before we gave up on using the project manager. And then we both forgot about it.

Thanks for bringing it up!

I’ll ask Jamie to chime in on this with a rough estimate of when to expect it. It’s definitely a must-have. Even I have to think hard when I make rules with the procmail interface, and I actually (kinda) know how to use procmail.

Agreed … in a future version of Usermin, I’ll add a mode to the Procmail module for a simpler interface for setting up rules. A lot of the existing functionality isn’t necessary for the average person.

In fact, this could even be merged with the Mail Forwarding module, so that autoreplies can be setup in the same place.