Simpler, kinder backup restores

Apparently when you restore a backup from a remote ssh server, the entire backup file is downloaded, then unzipped, then parsed so you can OK the restore, then downloaded ALL OVER AGAIN and unzipped to execute the restore. Can you say "time and bandwidth WASTE"???

Well, what if I only want to restore a single or subset of the available backup categories? Why does it not just DOWNLOAD ONCE then unzip, parse, restore? That would seem more rational and sensible.

I spoke too soon… It is now on its 3rd go-round pulling the whole bzip file from the SSH server… In the time that took, I managed to do a simple scp from the remote server to the host server, download it to my local computer, unzip, take a look at the files, etc. etc.

In future I guess I’ll scp it and then do the restore from the host server’s local copy instead.