Simple Invoices script installer

Hello, what about this guys > ? It is a very reliabile piece of php+mySQL software and the new version curently in beta looks very promising and even trendy, better than the old one.

Would you consider an installation script?

And I really think that my very old ideea with a task scheduler/calendar triggered by Virtualmin events/dates/timeframe would be a great addition :slight_smile: for an administrator. Hell, I’m already forgetting what was this about :slight_smile:

Not like a billing system, but a few usefull things: a domain, an account, a feature to be automatically closed/deleted/modified after an year for example, with let’s say 3 warning e-mails, if it is not processed, something like that. Not all of them, of course.

Thanks and good luck!

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I used to use this but it lacks a lot of features like auto-billing for recurring charges and it is all manual work. When I found out that WHMC started supporting VM Pro I promptly deleted SI and and transferred all my accounts to WHMC.

Agreed, for the recurring billing and stuff - but it is what it says Simple Invoices, and for now it’s the only good and alive OpenSource project for invoicing: it stores your clients, suppliers, products with prices, the math is good, multiple taxes, and you even have some reports.

WHMC is by far more appropiate for web hosting; never used it, planning to, and always playing with the demo.

For the little guy SI I think it’s perfect :wink: and for me too, that’s if you don’t a lot off invoices per month and recurring ones. Still a god ideea, if WHMC won’t get Open… I mean :slight_smile:

Full of typos :), WHMCS, *have, etc and can’t edit my post again…

i second this.
although i use whmcs myself, this seems a good app for clients that need to send invoices now and then.
per haps a feature request in the tracker?

nvm, I added this thread as a feature request myself.

Of course, Simple Invoices is a very good option for our users but not for web hosters. Though I did find some very interesting things in the road map, like recurring invoices!

Check this out: &

It will lack the power of a dedicated billing system (provisioning, hosting enviroment management & stuff) but it’s like comparing the sharpest needle to the heaviest maul.

Thanks for considering my suggestion!

Jamie’s reply to this is that it should be supportable and he’ll look into it as soon as he has a chance…

Hi Guys,

Justin from here

A Virtualmin installer for Simple Invoices would be great! - please let me know if there is anything I can do to help make this happen



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Hey Justin,

That’s just the kind of thing we like to hear. When the developer is supportive of Virtualmin support, we tend to jump right on it. It just makes it much nicer for everyone (for both development reasons, and because it insures a good experience for our shared userbase).

I’ll ask Jamie to drop in on this thread. I wouldn’t be surprised if Simple Invoices can make it into the next release.

It’ll be in 3.68.

Now that’s the spirit. Thank you Joe, Jamie and Justin!

here is the ticket

FS#5739 - simple invoice
User who did this - Jamie Cameron (JamieCameron)

That’s was easy … Virtualmin 3.68 will include an installer for Simple Invoices.