Signature file

I have a user that would like to include an image with their signature text. EG a company logo.

In Usermin Preferences> Sending email> Signature file> there are there choices ‘None’ ‘~/.signature’ ‘Other file’.

Can you please explain how these work because even if None is selected the user gets an Edit Signature button. Where they can add what seems to be text only Signature to their email.

Thanks for your help

Any help would be useful :slight_smile:

I still cant get this to work any ideas?

Sorry, I don’t believe there’s a way to use the signature file to attach an image.


Thanks for the reply

guys, that option should be a priority on Usermin interface.
All clients want to add an logo to their signature.

Please pay attention to that need as we are in 2015 already :))

A solution I use is so:

Set your mail composer to HTML default
then in mail signature add image as html embed. Make sure you have the full web path to that image :slight_smile: