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I have a new install of webmin that someone else setup, and when I log in as root and the linux root user for the server, I only get on as "user level: in webmin, not as admin level. How do I fix it so root has admin level permissions? I cannot create new users as I can only sign in as a user myself.


Perhaps the orinal person who set it up did something away from standard, mind you there is no system details added to this post without the version of webmin and what OS webmin is installed on, it’s anyone’s guess what is going wrong


Amazon Linux 2023
Usermin Version 2.005
Authentic theme version 21.09.5
Time on system Friday, June 7, 2024, 7:11 PM
What I want at this point is a way to create a new admin user using the config files. Is that possible?

Can you see here

If you have a “admin” user you can clone that user with another name

OR might be better
(I use virtualmin, but I think its the same) Add a new privileged user and selected all modules