Should I use a Github Organization or just use a normal account


I am into programming and want to release some extensions for Joomla commercially. I currently have a standard GitHub account. This standard account is free and I can make private repositories etc…

Should I get a separate GitHub account for my commercial extensions and make it an organization?

There is only me at the minute but you never know in the future.

Also if anyone has any simple information on how GithHub organizations work etc… that would be very useful as the info on GitHub’s website is not the best.



Kind of off topic here. You may, or may not, get a knowledgeable answer. This might be a little more ‘knowledge dense’ on what you are looking for.

Do you mean I am off topic?

The dev team here use github organizations and I was just hoping a programmer would give me some advice. I don’t need any information on joomla. (:smile: I have that T-shirt)

Well, this isn’t a question about Webmin or Virtualmin or developing software for either. :wink:


And it is about developing software :smile: (GitHub + Joomla)

You don’t need another account to create/manage organizations. That’s the point of them. I use the same account for all of my github stuff, including multiple organizations.

@lastreaction Thanks, thats the best description I have read about GitHub organizations.

So what I take away from this is:

  • 1 normal account for me personally
  • 1 organization account for my commercial stuff.
  • I manage my commercial GitHub organization with my normal account
  • I can manage or participate in multiple organizations with my personal account.

Pretty sure lastreaction just asked ChatGPT and posted the response. Which is prohibited here.

are my points above correct? :smile:
I have never tried ChatGPT, maybe I should give it a go.

ChatGPT lies all the time. Just makes shit up.

You don’t need any other accounts. An organization is not an account. You can use your normal account to create an organization.

And, in this case @lastreaction is a spammer using ChatGPT to post plausible sounding replies. And, now I’m banning and blocking them.

This is what they snuck into their ChatGPT garbage post:


In GitHub you can convert an account to an Organization or create it as one in the first place. An organization must have a GitHub username. Is this right?

Do you mean you can also create an organization from within your current account?

The reason is that I have a personal account (free) and another free account which i will convert into an organization because I like the name.

That’s because organizations didn’t always exist. You aren’t supposed to create an account only to then turn it into an organization.

No. It has an organization name.

Just log into Github using your usual user and create an organization. You’re making this way too complicated!

Sure, that’s reasonable. In that case it stops being an account and becomes an organization. That’s what account to organization conversion does.

but still looks like a normal user to the public, that what i meant to say.

These I believe are organizations and just look the same from the outside.


Orgs look quite different to me. They have a “People” tab, among other things.

@joe thanks for the help as ever

I need to make my other account a organization, which I will do and then find out what it looks like and then I will have a look around.

The information on GitHub’s site is not the best. It is mostly corporate speak. :smile: this has the people tab.

Github is very corporate these days, and they have many ways for you to pay them for corporate features. Github is owned by Microsoft and it shows.

If you want non-corporate you’ll have to go for one of the OSS options, like Gitea or Gitlab. There are hosted options of those, but if you’re making commercial software, not all of the hosted options are friendly to that (e.g. Codeberg and Notabug are exclusively for OSS, as far as I know). You could do anything you want with them if you self-host, though. Gitea in particular is very lightweight.

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