Shared Network interface - a private ip address?

On my Virtualmin install when I add a new virtualmin server the choice for the network interface(name based vs ip based site) is a private ip address:

It says
Shared, on IP

I was able to add the primary public ip for the box in the virtualmin-system settings-shared ip addresses setting and that is an option as well.

I am just trying to figure out if I should use the private ip or the public on for name based sites, and if NOT the private on how can I remove it or replace it with the public one permanently in the settings.


Any ideas you guys?

Why would you want to use the private address? Virtualmin picked this up because it’s the primary address on your system…not because we think its useful to use a private IP for hosting. :wink:

Just change the interface that Virtualmin uses in the Module Configuration, or if it’s not on its own primary interface (i.e. it’s on a virtual interface like eth0:1), just fill in the correct IP. The settings are on the first page of the Module Configuration … “Network interface for virtual addresses”, “Default virtual server IP address”, etc.

We can’t really tell you what the right settings are for your system, but if you have a public IP, I’m pretty confident that is the address you ought to be using for everything everywhere.

Thanks, I figured it was an issue but not everyone here is a Linux guru. Otherwise I wouldn’t use even Webmin/Virtual. It is easy to take these perceived trivial things for granted when it is what you’ve done for years.

I just couldn’t find where to change the default shared ip address.

On another note, when I type in that shared ip address directly it takes me to the first shared virtual web server I created and not the main domain of the server(located at /var/www/html/)… Should this have happened, and how can it be fixed/changed?

Thanks again for the help.