Shared Mail Server between Virtualmin VM's

I’m running multiple VM’s on a debian/xen box which all house virtualmin…rather than each instance running its own mail server, is it possible to have another VM that is a dedicated mail server for all of the VM’s?

Aside from not knowing if this is is possible or where to start, I’m thinking that user account creation would be an issue since it wouldn’t be replicating the new accounts on the mail server.

Any help or thoughts on how to achieve this would be appreciated.


To manage the mailserver VM with Virtualmin, you’d need to create all domains there that you create on the other VMs. Turn on the “mail for domain” features for them. On the other VMs, set up the server template, section BIND DNS Domain, to have the mail VM be added as MX to the zone files. That’s the basic stuff. Further things depend on what exactly you wish to have (sub)domain-wise, as in what hostnames your users should have to be entering into their mail clients.

thanks for commenting so quickly,

so it sounds like there isn’t really a built in feature/module to replicate the domains added in any of the virtualmin VM’s to the mail server…

heres the situation i’m trying to avoid doing manually - I have a client managing their own virtualmin VM, they add a new domain and email addresses…then this would replicate on the mail server.

I guess just create a cron that checks every now and then if the user has added new domains or created new mailboxes?

Unfortunately it won’t even work that way.

When you create a mailbox in Virtualmin, that will always configure a local mailserver, not one that is located on another machine. You’d need to do all the mailbox configuration directly on the machine that hosts the mailserver.

Virtualmin indeed does not have built-in features to do the kind of remote configuration you’re trying to achieve. So your VServer users would have to configure their domains in two places. Mail in one and the rest in another.