Shared IP addresses and net configuration problem

I’m having an annoying problem with Virtualmin on FreeBSD.
My dedicated server has a subnet of IPs added to lo0 and lo0 aliases, while nge0 (the primary nic) has some other IP assigned through which the subnet above is routed - that i cannot change.

For my sites i am forced to use the subnet, but webmin can only use the IP address of lo0, but not the aliases. If i try to mention the rest of the subnet in System settings -> Shared IPs, it tells me i must first add the IPs in Network configuration.
But I cannot add them to the active ones (although physically the IPs are there and active, i can set daemons to listen on them). I will attach a screenshot.

I’m also gonna submit a bug report for this.
Any suggestions of how i can make “Shared IP addresses” section not check the network configuration of webmin? Or some other solution so I can use the IPs.

Edit: the forum software didnt allow me to attach the screenshot, I have it posted here:<br><br>Post edited by: Lucian, at: 2007/12/11 07:41