Share an iSCSI device?

Hello all. New to Webmin/Virtualmin. I bought the pro last week and have been setting things up. Everything is running on CentOS 7

I have 3 hosts, host0,1,2 with minimal storage for OS
I have a NAS, which I would like to use for storing all VM’s.

I would like to create an target on my NAS, connect it to the Master (host0), and share the iSCSI device from host0 to itself and host1 and 2 to store images on.

I have gone through a few posts on the forums, but they were all pretty old. I have tried and tried to get this to work, however I always get that the iSCSI server is not running on host0. I have tweaked and played with several settings, just to try to get something to work with no luck.

Currently I, Created target on NAS, Webmin on host0 iSCSI client and connect it to the NAS target, Create LVM on the iSCSI device on host0 @ /dev/ds0, Go to Cloudmin>System Storage>iSCSI server and share /dev/ds0

KVM on LVM works,
KVM on iSCSI fails no server running on host0

host1 & 2:
KVM fails no iSCSI server running on host0

Hopefully I am just missing something, but at this point I feel like I have tried every combination.

I dont think you can share an Isci device. I could be wrong since I’ve never tried it but the concept doesnt work. With ISCSI, you’re basically dedicating outside hard drive sectors to the host. That same space can not be then again dedicated to another host. It would be like having 1 physical drive split between 3 machines.
You can create 3 partitions on the NAS and have each machine access a different partition. Each partition would be a separate ISCSI target.
So your NAS would have 3 tartgets and each host would have 1 ISCSI client connected to 1 of the 3 targets.