SFTP (SSH) user chroot besides owner of virtual server

Virtualmin 6.17-3 / Webmin 1.984
OS type and version:
Ubuntu 20.04

Hey guys, i can’t seem to find the way (using the gui) to create an additional user for a virtual server and set it chrooted… I can chroot the owner of the site (edit owner limits-other restrictions-chroot jail domain unix user), but it seems that i don’t have an option to do it with a second user when is created for the same virtual server, sorry if this is a stupid question but i’m a total n00b regarding this :frowning:


not sure this helps Virtual Server vs. Chrooted Virtual Server - #9 by Joe

Thanks Stefan, well not to this particular problem, but it adds info :+1:

Sofar i know extra user gets default it own space / directory, so look for that.

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