setup virtual server using same user as root, now locked into user mode

Hi guys, I am not sure what the issue is here but I created a new virtual server using my root login as the FQDN is part of my main domain when it goes live, however I think I did it wrong as I am now only able to see the virtualmin panel as a user and not administrator.

How do I go about changing the root username and login or fixing it so that the virtual server user is the same as root? This is how I have my current Plesk panel setup which is why I attempted it in the first place.

If root and users have to be seperate this is no issue for me but I do still need to be able to use the FQDN as my main domain - or will have to look at purchasing a second domain specifically for virtualmin

I can’t fully follow your question here – what domain exactly are you trying to set up, and how does it conflict with the “root” Linux user? Can you give an example?

You wouldn’t want to make a virtual server whose administrative user ends up with “root” as its user name. While probably possible with some fiddling, this is very unusual and can lead to much confusion on many levels. :slight_smile:

I there, I think I just need a way to change the username and password for the user and to reconfigure the admin login with root permissions again.

I setup the server as as my FQDN but want to host as my domain so setup a virtual server, from what I have read Virtualmin does not like sharing a FQDN with what it considers a ‘client’ server so it looks as though i just have to but a new domain for the servers domain name (or am I mistaken?) If it is possible to host as a virtual server and keep as the FQDN that simplifies things

I guess for now though as I setup the virtual server and it chose the username based on the domain it has changed the root login to just a user login for the purposes of using the virtualmin virtual server. I can still log in via SSH as root though. Please excuse me if this is still confusing though, im new :wink:

I’m a bit confused here… :slight_smile:

While it is true that it’s potentially problematic to create a virtual server that equals the domain from which the server’s FQDN is taken (if possible, use a separate domain for the FQDN), doing so should not fiddle with the Linux root user at all.

“admin” constitutes another problem, since Virtualmin automatically tries to add the subdomain “admin.domain.tld”, for an Apache redirect to the Virtualmin control panel on port 10000. You might run into problems if that hostname already exists. But also that should not influence the root user.

Can you explain again how exactly your root user got modified?

Locutus, honestly I do not know. I just followed the process to create a new virtual server, entered the username and password (as the same as root) expecting it to tell me that it was not allowed if there was an issue with doing so - the next thing I see is the virtualmin panel as a regular user.

AS I say I could still login via SSH as root so my assumption is that ‘root’ never got affected but as you mention ‘admin’ permissions were changed instead. It might be worth knowing how to reset this in case it happens again though

Its no huge worry though. I decided to go back and change my LVM setup and did another full wipe and clean install again to be safe.

I have also taken the opportunity to use a seperate FQDN which I am now purchasing