Setup User Admins

| OS type and version | Debian 11 & 12 |
| Webmin version | 2.111 |
| Virtualmin version | 7.10.0 |

We are running two Virtualmin servers hosting multiple virtual servers, some of which have mail services running.
I want to give two of my guys access to the server to be able to manage user accounts within the various virtual servers.
So far, i’ve tried setting up an extra admin account in the various servers but that cause an error in the backup. I’ve also converted their unix accounts to webmin users and setup a webmin group with various webmin modules selected but I cant seem to get them access to the “Edit Users” part of the virtualmin menu!

Can anyone advise if it’s possible to set this up?

You mean adding extra admin here, I thought that was a pro option.

@stefan1959 I have that option and have tried it in the past but then the backups start to fail due to a missing folder and folder permissions issue that i’ve not been able to resolve! Plus, I have 10 virtual servers across the two systems that I would need to add the extra admin to for these two users to be able to manage the mail users.

Instead i’ve tried in Webmin Groups

What I’m seeing when I login with an account in that group is
which isn’t what I was hoping for!

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