Setup SSL problem ! HELP PLS !

When i’m trying to enable an SSL website, i get this error message :

Failed to modify server : SSL cannot be enabled unless a virtual IP interface or private port is enabled

What is virtual IP interfaceand how to create it ?
What is private portand how to create it ?

PS : i only have 1 IP address and 1 network interface

I’m desperate … please help …<br><br>Post edited by: Cyberyan, at: 2008/05/12 23:41

This gave me a great excuse to try out our new handy dandy website search provided by Google!

Here’s what it came up with (admittedly it was the fourth item, but it’ll do):

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your reply but this still doesn’t work. I’ve setup several times other server with SSL Website, the error message comes after i click â