Setting up Reverse Proxy to local server using Virtualmin GUI

OS type and version: Rocky Linux 9.2
Virtualmin version: 7.7

I have Virtualmin running on a Rocky Linux VM, exposed to the internet on my router. The VM is running on a TrueNAS server, which also has several other VMs / Jails on it from before I discovered Virtualmin.

Prior to Virtualmin, I had a simple Caddy server acting as a Reverse Proxy for the various Jails I had running. I’m in the process of moving off that setup, and would like to use Virtualmin to set up a handful of sites to act as those proxies instead. In particular, I’d like to serve up to point to a local server,

Here’s the settings for the Proxy tab in Virtualmin, but when I browse to the site, I get the default Virtualmin page instead of any sort of Proxying:

I did look at the Bobcares page for proxying, but it doesn’t match the current version of Virtualmin, it seems. Any guidance on what I am missing?

Thank you!

Please do not try to follow any advice on the bobcares website. It is generally wildly wrong, either through malice or ignorance.

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Got it, thank you. I found the reference on the Virtualmin forums, if you want to make that warning there as well:

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I’ve edited that post to remove the link. I assume the bobcares website is blogspam, written by someone with little to no comprehension of what they’re writing…just sort of faking it. Every article about Virtualmin/Webmin I’ve seen there has been nonsense.