Setting up profiles for users


I have been using VirtualMin Pro for six months or so now and I want to start retailing hosting accounts.

Somewhere I read that I can set up profiles or templates to use for virtual server accounts.


Package DiskSpace Bandwidth Domains MSQL DB POP3 a/cs

Starter 80Mb 500MB/mth 2 5 500

Prof. 80Gb 100Gb/mth 25 50 1000

Pro plus 200Gb 200GB/mth 200 200 5000

Ultimo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

From which menu item do I set this kind of thing up ?



Server Templates is what you’re looking for.

The easiest way is probably to clone the Default template, set it up the way you want for one "plan", and then clone that template for all of the others.

It sounds like your needs are probably limited to the “Default domain owner limits” page, which is where quotas, bandwidth, and other such limits reside, but you probably want to spend a little time getting familiar with Server Templates–it’s where almost everything interesting in Virtualmin is configured.

OK thanks for reply,
I have now found Server Templates
under the system settings menu.

My Clients need to be able to set up new doms, databases email etc.
should my clients be using VirtualMin or UserMin to manage their server?



You should think of Usermin as “webmail, but fancier”. It is not an administrative level tool–it simply doesn’t have those kinds of privileges.