Setting up postfix

I have a new install of webmin / virtualmin on a Ubuntu 18.04 VPS for a domain called “”.

I tried installing a virtual server but it said my postfix was missing a configuration.

A problem was found with your Postfix virtual maps : No map sources were found in the [Postfix configuration]

Not entirely sure I set it up correctly, I found one thread saying to add “hash:/etc/postfix/virtual” to Virtual Domains, I then plugged in my support email address for the domain

Is that correct?

Postfix then reported this error
Postfix can support per-domain outgoing IP addresses, but is not currently configured to do so. This can be setup in the [Postfix Mailserver](:10000/postfix/dependent.cgi) module.

This is not an error per-say. Ignore it. Its just informing you that it can be setup to send mail via per-domain ip’s. Which is not necessary and just adds complications.

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