Setting up new 4TB harddisk to share files in windows network

Hi there.
Just did a fresh install on my local box.
And purchased for client a new 4TB hd which he wants to use in his local network
Can anyone help me out here please?
many thanks in advance.

Operating system:
OS version:

He should just install the drive on his local network and share it. Done.

Good morning @Gomez_Adams, thanks for the tip.
But i think I will use Samba for this solutions. Can you help me with this?

Well, you’re doing it the hard way.

You’ll have to set up all of the Windows Users and Groups on the Windows LAN in Samba. Then you simply share the drive on the Linux system and assign access to those users and groups and they should be able to map the network drive to their desktops.

There’s an old tutorial here you can use that should still work and walk you through it.

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