Setting up mail server with SSL

Hi All,

I’d like to ask for you help in solving this issue. I have a website with e-mail service which I’m trying to setup with SSL. I used to have the MX records setup as for 3 different priorities.

Now I got a new SSL certificate (regular, not wildcard) for the main domain, and I would like to know it it is possible to set the mail server to use the same host as the main site ( This would mean a significant reduction in SSL costs, which I believe may be helpful for many users.

I have tried to set this up changing only the DNS entries, and I can send e-mail, but I can’s seem to receive it. Any clues as to what I should be looking for?

Or is it recommended to stick to the “” mail server records and just get an additional cert for that domain (though once again, this is more expensive).

Many thanks