Setting UP Cron Job for Perfex CRM

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04


I am using “perfex CRM” and it tells me to configure the cron job.
It gives me a URL (it’s smth like this): wget -q -O-
I pasted the URL in the command filed located in Webmin/System/Scheduled Cron Jobs and executed it like a “root” user. But it doesn’t work. I test it using reminders. It works when I run the script manually.

Can anyone please help?

What do you mean by running it manually? When you access the URL with a browser, or when you run the command in the terminal?


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I use Perfex on a virtual server and this works for me:

wget -q -O- https://crm.domain.tld/cron/index

Specify the user in the box labeled ‘Execute cron job as’

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