Setting up bind, ip address

I am trying to setup my own nameservers and am having trouble. I am not sure if I did things correctly or not:

  1. I setup a master zone for a domain. I put in my static ip address etc.

  2. Using virtualmin I created a new server. The records file shows ip addresses of the local machine ie instead of my static ip. Is this correct? or should it also show the static ip?

  3. i only have one ip address so it is ok to setup just one nameserer on my machine and then register with a freen nameservers service for the second one. I would then include both of these at my domain registrar info.

  4. Is there a way to reinitialize the bind module on webmin? I guess when I first set it up I do not remember what option I chose to first set up the bind module. I do not seem to have entries for the root nameservers and when I try to download them I get nothing…unless I am looking in the wrong place.

How can I tell what method of installation was used, and how to redo it. I have uninstalled the module, uninstalled bind on my machine and reinstalled, but nothing changes.

  1. you need to see the wan (external IP) there, so go to system settings, module config, server setting - and fill in the wan at: Default virtual server IP address and Default IP address for DNS records

  2. if your registrar allows it (like you can use 1 IP, see how I did it in an answer in this thread: