Setting up a Virtual Server (from scratch with dyn ip service)

I am quite new to the usage of the virtual Min. And after reading quite some posts in this marvelous forum i must confess i am quite lost :frowning:
I want to resolve a domain on my localbox where i can place some joomlas for my clients. But for a strange reason I am NOT able to get this to work. I have a domain which i really would like to resolve on this local box. Please let me explain to you what i have done.

  1. Have installed via a cd the latest debian with ssh
  2. I have installed than Webmin (latest version)
  3. Have installed ProFtp, mysql and phpmyadmin
    up until here when i connected to it works perfectly

Than i downloaded and installed virtualmin using the script Up until here everything OK.
when i log in via i see now both the webmin and the virtualmin. So thus far everywing seems correct.
But as we here in the office DON´T have a fixed IP address i turned on the Dynamic IP service from Addresses and Networking> Dynamic IP Update. Where i placed my credentials for the domain In our router i have turned on the service as well pointing to my internal IP opening the port 80 for the internal ip

Finally I created my first virtualserver. But now here comes (for me ) the difficult part. The domain is registed with which allows me to add/modify the dns for this domain. Currently for this domain i have the following dns´s:
Domain servers in listed order:
As i have access to the dns of this domain, my question is to what do I change the current dns´s?
The last entery i added (invented by me) with the current ip of our router.

When i go to: Limits and Validation>Validate Virtual Servers. It returns -> - All features OK

Can anyone be so kind to help me out here plz? Totally stuck :frowning:

Hoping that someone can help me out here.
Many thanks in advance.