Setting up a email server

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 20.04.6
Virtualmin version 7.8.2 Pro

hello can anyone help me with trying to setup an email server i already have virtualmin pro installed and i have my domain name with namecheap and i want to send and receive emails from my own home server that i am using from home which will also be used to run as a webserver to for my website any help will be much appappreciated thank you
my domain is

also when i check my domain on mxtoolbox i get a dns error to

You will not be able to send mail with a dynamic ip address you will need a static IP. If your ip is static you will need to setup dns for the mail server. Do you have a static ip ?

It is not only a static IP issue. There are many challenges that running a server, especially a mail server, from a block of IP’s that is intended for end broadband customers, is going to encounter. Even if you get the server properly set up you will have issues of other domains simply blocking your email based on the ’ IPblock’. Spammers notoriously commandeer user machines for spam so most places block user IP space. NOTHING you can do about that. Your local ISP may not permit SMTP services on the block for that reason. They don’t want to deal with the problem either. Good luck, but, you have been warned.

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Never understood the desire to do this when there are so many companies who provide a box with an IP (fairly cheaply) throughout the world.

opened the ports on your firewall ??

yes i have a static ip

thanks for the help everyong i haver now got it all sorted out now

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