Setting to delete email after x days?

If there is a setting for email to delete email after x days on the server I can’t find it. Is there one? A client says his email is getting deleted after 7 days and that his macmail is set to “Delete never”, so he thinks the issue is on the server but I have no way to confirm. Anything like this in mail settings or usermin settings?



It is indeed possible to set a spam folder to delete after N days.

However, outside of that, no email should be automatically deleted – and certainly nothing from someone’s inbox.

If email from the inbox is being deleted, my first suspicion would be with the email program they’re using.


Yes, thank you. That’s what I thought but he insists that both his macmail and iphone settings are set to delete “never”. Oh I love stuff like this :slight_smile:

So there’s no setting in usermin to do this?

So there’s no setting in usermin to do this?

Well, I’ll tell you what. I’m continually surprised at the breadth of features that are stored within the bowels of Webmin, Virtualmin, and Usermin. I’ve been using it for years, and continue to find new things I never knew existed.

So, maybe there’s some little known feature somewhere that your user managed to discover, one that I’ve never run across. It’s totally possible :slight_smile:

But, if it exists, it’s not on by default, someone would have had to enable it.

Also, I just looked through all the Usermin options I could find that an email use would have access to, and I didn’t see anything related to auto-deleting emails from an inbox.

So, my suspicion is still with the email client :slight_smile:

Also, you can look in the mail logs to determine what’s deleting messages. Anytime an email is deleted, it’ll show up as the user logs out. For example, if a user logs in via POP and deletes an email, there’d be an entry like this:

dovecot: POP3( Disconnected: Logged out top=0/0, retr=0/0, del=1/361, size=43657036

You may be able to use that to determine what is causing the emails to be deleted, and when it’s happening.


If I have understood your problem correctly, this can be set in Usermin.

There is an option to manage folders and in that you can set “auto clearing” for any of the mailboxes. There are a few options available there which I find excellent.

I have one client who is a home user with family spread around, they all have email but they keep changing their Outlook to not delete. That of course fills the mailbox. The customer actually asked for auto clearing to be set. In this case I have set it to delete “some” email when the folder gets near the limit. Works a treat and the customer is ecstatic.


There is an option to manage folders and in that you can set “auto clearing” for any of the mailboxes.

So, where exactly do you see that option? :slight_smile: