Setting php max execution time in virtualmin not reflecting in url info.php

hi guys,
this has been an ongoing problem for so long i cannot understand why it remains so.

I set up a brand new wordpress installation on a virtual server (the virtual server is an existing one).

I changed php to version 8.0 for said virtual server in virtualmin.

I then went to virtualmin server>Server Configuration>PHP Options> and set max execution time to 180.

i then added a file to public_html directory and browsed the file.

It still shows php max execution time as 30 seconds!

Why is this setting in virtualmin virtual servers not overriding the default setting? Surely this should be a given?

I have checked the settings for php 8.0 in Webmin>Tools>php configuration

max execution time in here is 180 seconds

I am logged into the virtual server as the senior administrator for the entire webmin system…so it should damnwell work but it doesnt! Very very frustrating…in CPANEL this just works without any stuffing around!

So i went into the configuraiton file as shown in the file in my web browser… /etc/php/8.0/fpm

it shows max execution time as 30 seconds!

So my question…why is the virtualmin setting i inputted above not overriding this? Why are the webmin settings i mentioned above not overriding this?
Where is the control inside webmin/virtualmin GUI interface to change this properly (instead of me manually having to edit this text file)

Obviously the issue here is that php-fpm is not using the right settings. So where do i set the global php-fpm settings? Is it the server template causing this problem?

Fist off, what OS version, Virtualmin version, etc. are you running?

Secondly, Wordpress has a bad problem of using everything except what it’s supposed to use. In your file manager in Virtualmin go to tools/search and search for php.ini and see how many instances of it you have.

I’ve seen people with different versions of php over time have Wordpress stick to using the php.ini from an older version.

Example: you were running php 7.3. You then upgrade to 7.4 and set the time in Virtulamin for that version correctly but Wordpress is still using the php.ini file from 7.3 so it doesn’t change.

It’s a pain in the butt, but the only sure fire way I can tell you to fix it is do that file search for php.ini and open each one. You’ll no doubt see one that has your 180 seconds set already, but you may find one or two that it still appears to be 30 seconds. Just change those as well and you’re done.

thanks for your reply.
I have determined that part of the problem (at least for me) is the way in which i keep getting lost in the Virtualmin menus.

For example, choosing which version of php is being used by a virtual server is done via

  • Virtualmin>Server Configuration>php options

To select php options for a virtual server (ie changing execution mode CGI wrapper/FCGid/PHP-FPM)

  • Virtualmin>Server Configuraiton>php options

However, to actually configure the php-fpm resources etc, that is done from

  • Virtualmin>Services>php-fpm configuration

hitting the save button does not actually apply the settings which only exacerbates my problems in getting lost even more. I have to also try to remember that settings are not being applied because hitting the save button does not automatically restart php-fpm each time!

To apply changes I have to then restart php-fpm

  • Virtualmin>Dashboard>Servers Status> restart php-fpm 8.0 (or whichever of the php-fpm servers one is running).

I keep getting lost all the time with the above confusion.

I keep forgetting to manually restart php-fpm after saving changes in php-fpm. I wonder if to avoid this mistake Virtualmin shouldnt automatically restart after hitting save button?

I think it would be better if ALL php configurations (and fpm) and settings were controlled from a single place for anything php related. It would be far easier i think.

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