Setting permissions on ProFTPd users/folders


One of our customers, who uses Virtualmin Pro, wants to use it’s server as a FTP server, next to it’s normal tasks as a webserver. One of it’s requests are that he can edit the permissions per user/folder.

For example, he wishes that he can allow access on a given folder to user A and user B and that user A can write stuff and that user B is only allowed to read in the folder. This can be done with shell access, but that is not what the customer wants.

Is this possible? I have looked into the interface of Virtualmin but its capabilities are rather limited with regards to FTP as fas as I can see.

Thanks for the replies!



Sure, whether it’s being accessed via the shell or whether via FTP, it’s all just Linux users.

You’d just need to set the permissions on the files, as well as the tweak the users and groups, such that it does what you’re after.


I know that it is possible trough shell or FTP, but our customer wants to do it via a nice GUI, like FileZilla Server for example. Can I change permissions from within Virtualmin?