Setting Auto Responder - Failed to link file


On all servers, a change made to the auto responder text, upon saving the mailbox setting will show this error:

Failed to save mailbox : Failed to link /home/abcdefghijklmnop/autoreply-abcdefghijklmnop.txt to /var/virtualmin-autoreply/12581180036568-autoreply-abcdefghijklmnop.txt :

I could check that the link was not created.

I checked the permissions on /var/virtualmin-autoreply/ : 777

Selinux is disabled on my system.

I can’t understand why the link is not created… Any idea?



You may want to take a look in the mail log and the procmail log in /var/log to see if they contain any error messages.

Also, are you sure the user isn’t over quota?


Thanks for your reply.

The autoresponder seems to function… somewhat…

Nov 16 07:37:41 postfix/local[814]: CD0E911180F3:,, relay=local, delay=5.2, delays=0.3/0/0/4.9, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: /etc/webmin/virtual-server/ /home/abcde/autoreply-abcde.txt abcde /var/virtualmin-autoreply/12581180036568-autoreply-abcde.txt)

Since the file 12581180036568-autoreply-abcde.txt could not be created when saving the mailbox configs, the reply message sent by the system is:

Failed to open autoreply file /home/abcde/autoreply-abcde.txt : No such file or directory

I’m still boggled by the inability of VM to create the file 12581180036568-autoreply-abcde.txt: no quota are set, and the permissions on the directory that would contain this file are wide open.

If anyone has a clue, it would be much appreciated.