Set up the backup

Ηello. I’m trying to set up the backup and I get the following error in my email. What to do?? A help please…

Failed to run on this server : Fast RPC mode must be enabled for copies to work

@dimgr you need to add a lot more info including

  • all of the virtualmin versions. in your dashboard top right there is a clipboard which will copy all of these details
  • screenshots help
  • background information, what were you doing, where did you click , thing like thant

Tell me what other information you want.

I am not an expert, newbie myself, but 2 things I have noticed that might cause issue:

  • Backup to - /home/vps-server/test backup has a space in the file path
  • you seem to saving the backup in the same directory you are backing up

you have a space in the backup name,or am I reading that wrong

test backup I have named the folder for the backup. Shouldn’t the folder name be empty??

I made it. but can I have backup folders and files and not a .tar file???

Was this ticked.

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Thanks for the help, it’s ok now!

was it the spaces in the destination?

and can you mark threads as solved :smile:

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