Set up Fail2Ban

Hello. I am a new user of virtualmin and I am testing it on a vps server. Can you tell me how to set up Fail2Ban? Thanks.


You just need to install Virtualmin using the installation script, and Fail2Ban will be set up automatically for you.

Fail2Ban is running on the server, I don’t need to configure it myself?

How can I make it send me an email when something is blocked?

That could be a lot of email even on a low volume server. Are you sure you want to receive such email from fail2ban? Most of us don’t.

But if you must, this might help

Yes I want to receive! I don’t need to Fail2Ban configure any jail in ? is everything ok?

If you follow the instructions in the link that I have posted in my previous message (and adapt appropriately to the OS of your virtualmin server), you will receive an email every time fail2ban blocks an IP.

Is that not what you want?

Yes, thanks, I’ll read it.

The fail2ban settings in virtualmin can be found in webmin > networking.

Some jails are active by default. Most important.

I would still test if they are working as expected.

Then you can add services (jails) you run on the server.

those might need additional setup for logging and filters.

some you can enable without additional config I think named-refused should work out of the box.

What should I write in (Log file paths) to make my own jail?

the path of the log you want to use

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