Set up cron emails

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04
Webmin version 2.105
  1. sending test email works ok.
    2 running cron job with no errors results in this email.
    This email was sent by Webmin in response to a user action.

Webmin module: cron
Module title: Scheduled Cron Jobs
Action performed at: 03/10/2024 10:41 AM
Performed on system: myserver
Performed by user: eric
Client address:
Webmin script: exec_cron.cgi
Session ID: 1fc5ef70a9fd80660cf5832c11f4b1b5

Executed Cron job as root.

  1. Tried to turn this off by adding >/dev/null to end of script but still get the above mail when executing a job that completes with no errors.

  2. I f I introduce an error that causes an exit 1 I still get the above email with no indication of an error.

I have searched the web for possible solutions and not found one that works for me. Probably doing something wrong but don’t know what , so help would be welcomed thanks

why is eric performing a cron job as root ? I would normally allow root to run this job

Hello Jim, I presume you meant you would not run this job as root.?
This job is on my development server where I run things as root and then once everything is running ok I set permissions before transferring to the working system which is not on line be the way. Eventually managed to suppress the email by turning off sending emails - for the time being.

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