set me straight: webmin with manual vhost config or virtualmin

i’ve got a small server hosting under 10 very small websites with very little traffic

last year i switched from using plesk to webmin and manually configured apache virtual hosts
i noticed virtualmin pro but did not notice that there’s a free (gpl) version of virtualmin

it’s become clear that i really should be using virtualmin and i’m trying to figure out the proper way to proceed

do i just back up my data and wipe the system clean and start fresh?
or is there a way to migrate a webmin with manual vhosting over to virtualmin?

i did a bit of digging around and couldn’t find anything definitive or authoritative, so here i am


The Virtualmin installer is designed to be run on a system with a fresh OS install. Installing over the top of an existing configuration is unsupported, which is why you aren’t finding any substantial information. Personally, I would find another way, such as migrating the sites to another system with Virtualmin already installed. You could rent a cheap 1GB VPS for a few dollars for a month and migrate back to the original system once Virtualmin is installed.

That said, I have seen posters on here that have tried. It seems to have worked, and mainly involved having to set up all the paths so Virtualmin can find all the bits and pieces to manage. Just be aware that you’re on your own, and if you break your system, you get to keep both pieces. :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply and clarification
exactly the info i was needing

You can temporarily setup your home/office internet and pc as a webserver, install lamp server on pc (inside virtualbox is a good idea).

Install virtualmin gpl on it and do your problem solving from there…no need to get a temporary vps using this method. Its dead easy to do for anyone who knows how to run a webserver.

Just access its webmin/virtualmin via https://your home/office landline ipadress:10000 instead of url (unless you temporarily point your domain dns to home/office)

You could even just use localhost to i would imagine rather than altering dns at registrar.