Set mail attribute on LDAP users - ie dbmail!

I’ve set up dbmail on our system, and virtualmin seems happy enough with it (it uses sendmail and sendmail pushes it into dbmail using mailertable and some clever m4 stuff - all documented on dbmail’s site).

The only thing left missing is that dbmail uses the mail ldap record to determine what e-mail addresses the user has. By default obviously this doesn’t happen. I’ve looked in the module config of LDAP Users and Groups, and although I have the option to push static values into the LDAP directory (which I have to do anyway to support Apple’s OpenDirectory stuff), I see no way to get the e-mail address and push it into the mail field. Also, support for aliases is handled (so far as I can tell) by having multiple mail records - for example my LDAP entry has both (work) and (home). Per that config, both of those addresses would dump into tshadwick’s dbmail inbox. (That behavior is probably not what I personally want, but the point is instead of /etc/aliases or /etc/mail/virtusertable, you get multiple addresses by adding them to the LDAP record).

I can set it up to manually add e-mail addresses after the fact, but is there any chance we can get e-mail addresses pushed in LDAP records by default? It only makes sense regardless…