Set default apache2 url so i can load test different virtualmin VPS instances i have (GCE & AWS) using ip address

Hi guys,
I need to perform load testing on some VPS cloud instances i have…ie Google Cloud Compute and Amazon AWS Lightsail.

The trouble is, the Google Cloud Compute Virtualmin system has live websites on it, whereas the AWS Lightsail simply has a fresh Virtualmin install.

Both are running debian 9.

When i attempt to benchmark, the GCE webserver is throwing up the first live wordpress website, whereas the AWS instance is showing the default apache2 index.html page because it has no lives websites on it.

I have tried webmin>servers>apache webserver>create virtual host…

Virtual Server
server public ip address =
Port = 80
server name = Automatic
document root = /var/www/html/index.html

however, when i enter the “server public ip address:80” into a web browser, it is still defaulting to the first wordpress website virtual server and not the default apache2 page i have set for that public ipaddress.

what am i doing wrong?

Actually what i would really like is to be able to override apache so that i choose which of the virtual server websites shows up by default in the event someone simply enters the server public ip address into a browser.