Servers Dissapeared

I’ve been running Cloudmin GPL for a while now with few problems. But today for some reason the cloudmin platform thinks all my servers are gone. It lists no systems not even the host. Nothing in the error logs. And if I reinstall the cloudmin package it works until the next reboot. Using CentOS 7, no selinux and xen.

I have an update to this. I think its a bug. What seems to be happening is the the files in /etc/webmin/servers/ that end in a *.serv extension are being nulled if the server hangs or reboots. I looked several times today, and various files in there were 0 length as they were being updated. As I waited more become 0 length. It should not be writing to a primary configuration file. It should use one configuration file, and another one with status. I’ve had to re-create the servers several times now.

I haven’t seen this behavior. Is it possible there are hardware problems causing disk errors? Check the kernel log (dmesg) in particular.