ServerAlias, Can't Get it to Point to Right Folder?

Here’s what I did. I can’t get virtualadmin to server the right site directory

I created a debian server.
I then followed instructions and created two virtual hosts for my domain names.
My Websites works just fine. my sites were being served from /srv/www/

Then I decided i wanted to install webmin & virtualadmin so i didn’t have to create websites manually anymore.


The first step i did was to go in virtualadmin and IMPORT one of my working domains into the interface. It wants to use /home/username/public_html for web stuff…

Anyway long story short my sites that worked fine seem to now point to the default apache directory. I went into the public_html folder that virtualmin created for the domains, and copies my index there but the default still shows. I went into /etc/apache2/sites-enabled and removed the entries for the domains (so they wouldn’t be pointing to when i setup the server PRE-virtualmin

I’m really confused, everything works great, but how can i make it so my websites point to the right directory. I’ve copied my index into every public_html on the machine, it’s obvious something default is overriding virtualmin or something…