Server will not recieve email. But it will through pop and imap but not straight from another server.

I have installed Virtualmin on a fresh installation of CentOS 5.6. I have been working through different things that are not working. The one that is breaking my leg right now is the mail server. You can send mail out with no problem If I connect with out look via pop or anything like that it will receive it. If I try and telnet to port 25 I can’t. I even used a DNS site to test the domain against the dns test for mail. I get this

Error There was a problem while talking with the mail server. Got ‘ConnectException: Connection refused’

Thats the error. I have made sure my hostname in in the mydestination of the my ISP isnt blocking port 25. I have searched for hours trying to find this. What am I missing that will not let mail come t the server on port 25? I have also disabled postfix to make sure. It is the last 3.84 GPL version that I am using.

Take that back, I can telnet to 25


Well, the ISP at either end – that of your desktop or that of your server – could potentially block port 25.

One thing you may want to try is logging into your server, and run:

netstat -an | grep :25

What output do you get?

You should see an entry like this:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN

If you do – that means Postfix is indeed listening, so there’s something blocking the connection… it could be a firewall on your server, and ISP, or the like.

If you don’t see such a line – you may want to try restarting Postfix, then look in /var/log/maillog for any errors.