Server-wide phpMyAdmin, RoundCube or SquirrelMail

I know there have been number of discussion on how to properly setup server-wide add-on programs like phpMyAdmin, RoundCube or SquirrelMail. One of the best ways is to create a master virtual server ( and then install add-on programms under its sub-servers (,, etc). Even better way is instead of installing additional web-interfaces to use Virtualmin’s native database manager and Usermin.

However, to make it easy for cPanel or Plesk users to switch to Virtualmin we, unfortunately, have to respect their habitual bound to phpMyAdmin and SquirrelMail. To install these programms under sub-server of a master virtual server of each VPS is tiresome, especially when you deal with multiple servers. For this kind of cases we have a solution described on But I am afraid after security release of Virtualmin ( this method will not work when using ‘Options +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch’.

And very often prospective switchers from cPanel or Plesk would like to give a try to Virtulmin server prior pointing their domain names to the server. That is they want to access and work with it through its IP address. So in this case the variant of installing add-on interface under virtual sub-server doesn’t work. So I was looking for a way to make add-ons available through some ports, however discussions like on discourage you to go this path.

I just wonder is there any way for Virtualmin creators to make add-ons like phpMyAdmin, RoundCube or SquirrelMail within Virtualmin interface by default, thus make it easy for former cPanel and Plesk users to try Virtualmin and phpMyAdmin even before installing any virtual server on the server? For example, cPanel users can access their cPanel through their server IP like:

and if they want to open phpMyadmin they click its icon within cPanel and find themselves at:

Why not to implement similar thing in Virtualmin? For example, if we access Virtualmin through why not make server-wide administration interfaces like phpMyAdmin available at something like

This would safe lots of users from frustration and running various experiments, which even successful today can be not effective some day tomorrow taking into consideration there are various modes of running PHP, permission and ownership issues, which can change with every security releases. Making these popular administration interfaces by default would attract more cPanel and Plesk users to Webmin/Virtualmin and make their conversion much easier.

The web server that runs Webmin/Usermin is not capable of running PHP as far as I know.

Perhaps setting up a separate copy of Apache on another port to run all of these programs would work better.

Maybe, but can you elaborate on details how to achieve this? I am trying to find a way to provide customers with Virtualmin VPS boxes with installed instances of phpMyAdmin and any webmail program by default, a way that would allow me not to install these programs over and over again for new VPS boxes.

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