Server Templates settings for usernames and e-mail

How to set up Server Templates to autamatic get Domain owner username "" and e-mail ""?

And for e-mail/ftp default usernames to be ""?

I tried several combinations of Server Templates settings and Module Config -> Defaults for new domains settings still not desired results.

Overall trying to set up:

default homdir for new domain: /home/domains/<>
default web foder: /home/domains/<>/www
default admin username:
default admin e-mail:
default mySQL db name: mydomain_com
default username for other users:

For email/ftp to be, look in Server Templates -> Default Template -> Mail for domain – and make sure "Format for usernames that include domain" is set to "user@domain".

Also, you may need to look in Module Config -> Defaults for new domains, and make sure "Include domain name in usernames" and "Domain name style in username" are set the way you want.

But I’m not sure if those options apply to new Virtual Server administrators or not, they may just be for users created within a sub-server (ie, email, ftp, and additional administrators). You’ll have to experiment :slight_smile:

Also, I’m not sure you can set an alternate default address to use for email to the Virtual server owner. Either the email is sent to the Virtual server owner that Virtualmin creates, or you’d need to manually specify an alternative address.

I think :slight_smile:

Though, one way to handle that would be to go into the Server Templates -> Mail for Domain, and setup a default alias when a new Virtual Server is created, that points to whatever your server administrator is.