Server Template - Skeleton Substitution - Help with Speed

Hi all,

I’m using a server template to duplicate a WordPress install. It’s working great but it’s slow…

My question is:
Is it possible to ONLY do variable substation on one file? My server creation is taking about 9 minutes, because VM is looping through every single file in the skeleton directory.

I have a skeleton setup with the following File patterns not to substitute value:
*capabilities.php post.php comment.php registration.php wp-includes wp-content wp-admin

The reason I’m ignoring those four PHP files is because WordPress has some variables which are the same as the VM variables.

I can’t figure out how to get VM to ignore the wp-includes, wp-content, and wp-admin folders - that would at least speed things up dramatically.

If this isn’t possible, is there a way to add some type of hook? If there was I could include only wp-config.php in my skeleton and then copy over the rest of the wordpress install in some other way.

If anyone has any ideas I greatly appreciate it!!!


Take a peek in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Home Directory.

Jamie recently added a feature that that would allow you to specify a regex for file patterns to not perform the substitutions.



I’m an idiot with regex. Do you by any chance have a sample usage example?

I’ll take a look now - thank you!

I took a look there and wasn’t able to find the option for a regex file. Maybe you mean the setting that I’m already using - “File patterns not to substitute”

Does anyone know the regex command to only run substitute on public_html/wp-config.php, and no other files in the skeleton?

Whenever you can not find a feature in Virtualmin GPL, it is probably only a Pro feature. You can always compare with Pro demo at

I’m using Virtualmin Pro…

@snapmin thanks for the tip. That demo URL - the user/pass combo is demo/demo, right? I logged in and I don’t see VM installed there - just webmin. Is that the correct URL?

Alex, sorry, forgot to mention:

vm root/demo
wm demo/demo