Server Owner vs Master Admin

I was able to create Server Owners who only had limited access but now I am not able to.

When I create a domain, the domain admin has full rights, NOT GOOD!

When I try to edit the "admin" I get:
This webmin user should not be edited as it is managed by the Virtualmin Virtual Servers module. Yet I cannot find a way to edit the "Administrator username" listed in edit virtual user.

What is the correct way to create and/or edit a Virtual server administrator???

I have not seen this on my own server so please explain full rights.

A "administrator username" was created during a "create virtual server".

By full rights I mean when I log in as the "administrator username" it shows "Login: adminuser (Master admin)"
and the main screen has buttons to "Stop Acache" "Stop mail server" "Stop MySQL".

They can also delete any of the other domains!

I haven’t seen this bug at all on any servers I maintain.

So is there a way to edit an webmin user so that they are not a "Master admin"? Is there just a flag that marks a webmin user as a master admin vs. a "server Owner"? Where is this stored?

could it may be because I reset some of the defaults in the Virturalmin Virtual Servers module Config? Is there a way to reset it to the defaults?

Would completly removing Webmin & Virturalmin and reinstalling fix this?

I clearly cannot give domain owners the ability to shutdown apache, sendmail, etc

I certainly can’t tell what is going on without looking at your server

Would completly removing Webmin & Virturalmin and reinstalling fix this?

Goodness, don’t do that! That’s the worst possible solution to what is probably a very simple problem…and will break every user in Virtualmin, because uninstalling Virtualmin removes all Virtualmin meta-data.

I’ll see if I can replicate your problem and come up with some steps to correct it easily and get back to this thread shortly. But I wanted to make sure you don’t think uninstalling is a sane solution!

I tested this on the Pro and GPL and can’t repoduce this at all.

Is there any more info I could provide to help you replicate. Backups, etc.

This is a brand new install of virtualmin GPL and I have only created a couple of domains with it. I dont think a reinstall would all that bad since most of the domains were just "Imported" I could just import them again. I have been editing my system config files manually for a long time for just the handful of domains I host anyway.

If you are going to do that you might as well let Jamie or Joe get on your server and look.

Not that I am opposed to letting them but I clearly dont want to post access here and hope they are the only ones who log in!!

Hehehe…Nobody is suggesting you post login details in a public place.

My email address isn’t a secret…I post it four or five times a day: (Couldn’t be any easier to guess, either.)