Server Owner Mail Forwarding

Can server owners setup mail forwarding using a similar interface available to the server administrator?

I’ve looked for modules or permissions and only seen something about “Filter” module. This seems to make forwarding available to Usermin but then a big warning pops up saying it is unlikely to work.

I tried the "Quick Forward" anyway and got an ugly email like this…

<>: mail for loops back to myself

I know everyone is shy so I’ll say what everyone is thinking.

“That’s a great question Jim! I too would like to know.”

Hi Jim,

All domain owners should have access to the ‘Edit Mail Aliases’ link on the left menu, which lets them set up forwarding from some address (like to another (like

Or are you referring to the ability to define filters, so that email matching certain conditions is forwarded to different destinations? If so, this can only be done at the individual mailbox level…

Thanks, it looks like I’m going the filter route.