"Server no longer exists!" for all 16 sub-servers


16-core processor
4x 500TB NVMe SSD Drives
4x 4TB SATA Drives

|OS type and version:| REQUIRED |

CentOS 8
Latest Virtualmin

After finally fixing the issues I was having with Postfix, I now get that error any time that I try to make a change at “Edit Virtual Server”.

It lists all 16 sub-servers under my main server and the websites still work…
I’m just unable to make any changes to them.

Kindly edit your message and specify the version of Virtualmin that you use. Entering ‘Latest Virtualmin’ is not a valid response.

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What else did you do than ‘fixing’ postfix. Did you edit apache or anywhere else. When you re check configuration, what errors are showing if any.

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