Server lose connection

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version Latest

I try to install Webmin/Virtualmin on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04. Installation goes without problem and I can login to webmin. The post config also go without any problem the server disconnect and say lost connection. Check server and Internet. Both OK SSH working to the VPS.
If I reload and log in again, then go f.ex. to get ssl cert, webmin lose connection If I just login webmin lose connection after 20.30 sec.
I have tried to wipe the vps 3 times but the result is the same. Any hints_

try manually restarting webmin

systemctl restart webmin

systemctl stop webmin
systemctl start webmin

Done many times but no help. I will spin up a new vps and see if its a problem. I have 3 other vps with no problems

Sounds like a connectivity issue from your provider’s side tbh. You should contact whoever you got the server from and ask them about this.

On a windows system, try running the following in CMD/Powershell and see if there are any disconnections after tailing ping for say 30min or something:

ping [your vps ip address] -t

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